Elder Leadership

Santa Rosa Christian Church is blessed with members who give and serve one another with their time and talents. In the midst of this culture, we have Elders appointed to guide the church and leaders called into serving the people of the church through their gifts in various ministries.
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Noah & Michelle Smith

Lead Pastor/Elder

Barney & Linda Cargile

Elder 707-321-8777‬

Glen & Dawna Wiemeyer

Elder 707-542-0872 ext. 111

Don & Debbie Rinkor

Elder 707-878-2425

Harry and Carol Skandera

Elder 707-526-2899


Job Position

Staff & Ministry Leads

Noah Smith

Lead Pastor 707-542-0872 ext. 108

Glen Wiemeyer

Pastor 707-542-0872 ext. 111

Loreen Bishop

Financial Secretary 707-542-0872 ext. 104


Job Position

Barney Cargile

Pastor 707-542-0872 ext. 114

Trinity Gaddis

Worship Leader 707-542-0872 ext. 115

Jean Jobs

Pastor 707-542-0872 ext. 103

Dawna Wiemeyer

Women's Pastor 707-579-2137

Fallon Sealund

Office Manager