Drawing Strength Through Generations

The mission of SRCC Women’s Ministry is to create opportunities which encourage a deeper relationship with God, closer fellowship with one another and a higher calling to service toward others.

“As we live in God, our love grows more complete.” 1 John 4:17a

         “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” Prov. 31:25

New this fall for our women (and your friends) …


Where: Erica Rinkor’s home in SR
When: Sept. 10 and 24, Oct. 8 and 22
Time: 9:00 -11:00 am
RSVP: for details and to signup, contact Erica (707-975-0755 – cell) or ericarian@comcast.net
Each meeting will focus on a different spiritual discipline; Bible study, prayer, worship, reflection etc. One thing will be constant, God will be waiting for us. This dedicated time and space is an opportunity for us to discover what spiritual giftings we can bring to the table. We may be in different seasons of discovery. Yet, God knows each of them and desires for us to dive deeper and seek more together as a community.

Book/Bible Study – 6 weeks this Fall

When:Thursday am’s beginning 9/12
Where: SRCC
Time:10:00 – noon
RSVP:for details and to signup, contact Dawna (7o7-579-2137) or dawna@srchristianchurch.org
What: Given by Tina Boesch. How do we express the good that God wants for those we love? How do we experience blessing through pain and suffering? Why would we bless even enemies? How do we keep spoken blessings in sync with God’s will? And how do we integrate blessing, a concept woven throughout the entire Bible, into the fabric of our everyday lives?
In Given, you will journey outside of your comfort zone, into a world of blessing as a relational calling―as a way God relates to you and a way you’re called to relate to others. You will travel across countries, cultures, and centuries of church history to expand your paradigm of a word ripe with significance. Along the way, you’ll be inspired to begin the essential Christian practice of being given by God as a blessing.
Journey with author Tina Boesch to discover your calling to a meaningful way of living and relating to God and others, inspired by Christ, who gave himself on the cross so that we could fully experience God’s blessing.
Cost: $15.00 for the book
Questions or to Sign up: Contact Dawna Wiemeyer (dawna@srchristianchurch.org or 579-2137)

Upper Room Gatherings

UPPER ROOM: Where we choose to journey up the stairs walk into a deeper more intimate relationship with God and one another.

Happening regularly in 2019 are times we gather and enjoy what we are calling UPPER ROOM … Worship, testimonies, small group sharing, inspiration and encouragement. Didn’t Jesus go to an upper room to get away from the crowds and spend intimate time with his disciples? We are going to be intentional to do the same! Each time we gather it may look different. Variety is good. We’re super excited to see God lead us as we plan and uncover His best for all of us. Upcoming UPPER ROOM Dates are pending. Stay tuned …

More About the SRCC Women’s Ministry


Or call Dawna Wiemeyer at 707.579.2137

We LOVE our Young-at-Heart!

Serving on the Women’s Ministry Team:

Mary Lehr, Cherie Gunnell, Erica Rinkor, Jennifer Sycip, Chanette Tooze, Sandra Santana and Dawna Wiemeyer