Dear SRCC family,

All of us are reeling from the effects of this week’s tragedy.  Our church and community has lost so much. This Sunday, let’s gather together to share comfort and encouragement to one another.  Together we will continue to seek after God who gives strength, comfort, and peace in times of hardship. We also want to lift up those who are still battling the fires and to give thanks to God.

  • Ministries we are partnering with within the city have told us they are at capacity with donated materials.  The primary need now is money for the long term recovery.
  • We are receiving a special offering for a SRCC Fire Relief Fund. All donations will go to those who have been directly affected by the fires. You can give through mail, on Sundays, or online here.  In your donation, please indicate it is for the Fire Relief Fund.



Thank you for your continued prayer for everyone within our community.  This will be a long term recovery.