Redeeming Purpose: Steve Marshall

By March 18, 2020Redemption Road

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  • Sharien Lee Hinton says:


    Is this working. It just says waiting for.

    • Noah Smith says:

      Hi Sharien, sorry about the trouble you are having with the video. It has been edited and cleaned up for viewing now. Enjoy!

  • Manuel L Gonzales says:

    Pastor Steve,
    Thank you for delivering a straight to the point sermon, in these unsettling times we need to strive to be together as one church, and one body in Christ. The points made in Psalms 103 go the heart of what is going on right now. Thank you so much for your encouragement to everyone. God Bless, and look forward to next Sunday Morning,
    Juanita and Manuel Gonzales

  • Ginger says:

    Hi Pastor, God is so good to always use you as His vessel to bring a word that always ministers or speaks to me in some way. In this message in particular it was about our souls prostrating before Him as a form of worship.

    When I was a young girl, around 10yrs old, my grandmother shared a room with me. Every night she had this deliberate, disciplined form of worship that you mentioned. After preparing for bed, now in her long flannel night gown, she would stand at the end of her bed. She didn’t speak a word of english. As she faced the icon of Jesus on the wall, she began praying (in Greek), doing the sign of the cross as the Orthodox do, and then she would prostrate, then, come back up. She would do that over and over again until she was done praying.

    I was blessed because it reminded me of her discipline and dedication to prayer.

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