SRCC Student Ministry Pastor Opening:

We are seeking a student ministry leader with a passion for equipping a team to help people connect with God.

At Santa Rosa Christian Church, we believe the greatest way for students to transform the world tomorrow is to equip them to lead in the church today.  Our desire is that SRCC not only becomes a student’s parents’ church, but their church as well.  We want more than anything for our students to own their faith and bring their friends to Christ.  Our hope is that every student within our student ministry would lead one of their friends to Jesus.  Is this vision something you can help make a reality?

We believe that working together is the best way to do ministry.  Our leaders strive to continually build up volunteer teams around them to help do the ministry.  Our staff’s collaborative approach to ministry focuses not just on one ministry, but the entire effectiveness of the church.  We also consumed with the John 17 vision of unity within the body of Christ.  This vision drives us to partner with other churches throughout our region so that more people can connect with Jesus.  Would you want to serve on a team that is seeking after growth in the capital “K” Kingdom of God instead of just one church?

Connecting people to God within our community is a difficult task.  Sonoma county is about an hour north of San Francisco in the middle of wine country and is what many would consider “hard soil”.  At SRCC, we believe that God’s love is the best way to soften that kind of soil.  We are looking for a student ministry leader willing to do the hard work of servant leadership to take our student ministry to the next level.

Our church culture has a history of investment in relationship and receiving the pastors as family (our Lead Pastor started 40 years ago as the youth pastor).  We are looking for someone to serve with us who believes in the vision of connecting our community with God.

Position: Student Ministry Intern/Youth Pastor

Send Resume to:

Dustin Gallup

Associate Pastor

Santa Rosa Christian Church

Santa Rosa, CA