At SRCC, we’re passionate about seeing all people find a connection to God and their purpose inĀ life because ofĀ Jesus Christ.

You can always expect a warm welcome, great music from the band and an authentic message about God and the reality of His love & purpose for all people.

Nursery, childcare, and fun Bible classes are provided for children toddlers through jr.high / high school age, concurrent with the service.

We invite you to come and be with us at our Sunday gathering at 10:00AM. Come early to grab a cup of coffee and connect with people.

Located about a mile away from downtown Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Christian Church has been a place of worship and serving families for over 150 years.

Find your personal next step at SRCC:


LifeGroupsĀ are the people you can grow, laugh, and serve with. We have groups for men, women, couples, students and more!


God created you with gifts and skills that you can use to change lives in your community and the world.Ā ServeĀ at SRCC.


We want to equip you with the tools to develop as a fully devoted follower of Christ. As an individual, family, or part of a LifeGroup, you can useĀ resources to keep learning.


Messages. Sermons. Words. Talks. Whatever you like to call it, each weekend at one of our Sunday gatherings, one of our pastors or ministry leaders shares from the Bible about Gods love and grace expressed for all people through Jesus Christ. Together we listen and hope to apply what we learnĀ from these times in our lives each day and in community together.


Music. Worship Songs. Hymns.Ā Lots of names can describe the music played on a Sunday morning. But the focus is always on “who” the songs are about. That “who” for us is Jesus. We love all genres of music from classic melodies to modern songs; upbeat to contemplative. We love to be lead by singers and musicians using their God-given gifts in worship music.


Our sincere hope is that people will find aĀ connection with God. Sometimes that can happen through a message, sometimes through music. Most often though, the reality of God is best seen through people in relationships talking aboutĀ the truth of Jesus and the Gospel in their lives together. We invite you to connect with God and people at SRCC.