We currently find ourselves in difficult times. We have lost homes due to fires, lost power due to rolling blackouts; Lost a sense of connectedness, a loved one, a job, or any sense of normal life due to a pandemic; And now, a sense of any kind of security due to more fires.

These external forces have given rise to a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles. Whether we find ourselves dealing with anxiety or a sense of hopelessness, the daily battle is real.

Scripture teaches us that the heart is the seat of our emotions and feelings that lead us to make decisions. It is the center or focus of our inner personal life. It is the source or spring of our motives and desires.  The bible also tells us it is highly susceptible to external influences and circumstances that cause it to shift from one moment to another.

So how do we anchor our hearts? How do we allow ourselves to feel healthy emotions while not allowing those emotions to direct our lives and make decisions that lead to destruction? How do we keep from getting stuck in a moment?

We hope to answer those questions and more as we begin a new series titled “Anchor of my heart.”